FirstNet @ CES 2017: How FirstNet will transform the future of public safety

December 29, 2016
How will FirstNet transform the future of public safety? Hear from FirstNet speakers at this year’s CES conference.
How will FirstNet transform the future of public safety? Hear from FirstNet speakers at this year’s CES conference.

“Broadband,” which commonly refers to high-speed internet access, has not only transformed the way most Americans communicate, but also how we learn, work and play. The advances in technology enabled by broadband over the last ten years have been dramatic. Mobile broadband has facilitated an era of smartphones and apps used to share data instantaneously – from text messages and videos to photos and live streaming.

Now, the technology industry is moving toward developing 5G technologies that will enable virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and more.

Nowhere is the future of technology on more display than at CES, a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow. One area where mobile broadband and the technology demonstrated at CES every year could make a (lifesaving) difference is in the public safety sector.  This year, FirstNet is bringing that message to CES.

Law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and paramedics often lack the bandwidth or reliable mobile broadband connection they need to take advantage of all the technology available to consumers today.

At FirstNet, our goal is to change that -- to transform the future of public safety by creating a nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to first responders and other public safety personnel. FirstNet is establishing an innovative public-private partnership, which will leverage the ingenuity and expertise of the commercial sector, to build needed communications infrastructure for the men and women who risk their lives to protect us every day.

Why a public-private partnership? Because Congress recognized that America’s technology companies know how to do it best, and first responders deserve nothing less. FirstNet is coming, and we need America’s innovators to be ready to deliver for the millions of public safety personnel across the country.

If you are attending CES, be sure to join one of our sessions to hear the latest on FirstNet. See you there!

January 4, 2017

1 – 2 p.m.

Room N256, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

CES BROADBAND -- FirstNet: How Broadband Can Power Public Safety Transformation

In disasters or emergencies, bandwidth use spikes, just when first responders need it most for vital, life-saving communications. Learn how FirstNet, an innovative public-private-public safety partnership, will give public safety the dedicated, secure broadband network and app/innovation ecosystem it needs to protect people and communities nationwide.

  • TJ Kennedy, FirstNet President (Moderator)
  • Maggie Goodrich, Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles Police Department
  • Tom Roberts, Assistant Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  • Bill Schrier, FirstNet Senior Advisor and Former CIO for the Seattle Police Department

January 7, 2017

2:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

The Monterey Room, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

CES GOVERNMENT -- Homeland Security, Law Enforcement: Analytics, Video and the IoT Roundtable

  • Charles Armstrong, SME (Moderator)
  • Charlie Inman, Deloitte (Moderator)
  • Mike Poth, CEO, FirstNet
  • John Wagner, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Customs and Border Patrol
  • Hon. Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Rick Davis, CEO, Taser
  • Luke McCormack, CIO, DHS
  • Kathleen Cowles, Principal Deep Water Point

Jan. 8, 2017

Artist Hall 1 & 2, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

CES GOVERNMENT -- FirstNet and Transforming the Future of Public Safety – Together

  • Mike Poth, FirstNet CEO
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