FirstNet Expands Social and Multimedia Outreach with New YouTube Channel

September 10, 2014
Official YouTube Channel of the First Responder Network Authority
Official YouTube Channel of the First Responder Network Authority

By: Bernetta Reese, Web and New Media Manager (Acting)

FirstNet is pleased to announce new additions to its social and multimedia presence with the launch of an official YouTube channel and a Multimedia section on Our new social media channel and website page contain videos that tell the history of FirstNet and focus on how a nationwide public safety broadband network will enhance communications and coordination for public safety disciplines.

Launching this new social platform is just one of many ways that we will continue our outreach to and communications with the public safety community. Acting General Manager TJ Kennedy emphasized the value of social networks to FirstNet in his recent article on LinkedIn where he says “For FirstNet, social media has become an effective way to increase our outreach to stakeholders and share information about our activities, as well as highlight some of the activities of our stakeholders.”

Viewers can subscribe to the new YouTube channel and be notified whenever a video is uploaded at Organizations and individuals are able to share and embed the videos on their websites by clicking the share link under the video or by clicking one of the social network icons to share the video on a social platform.

FirstNet is also on Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn. You can visit our page on LinkedIn, view photos on our Flickr page, and follow us on Twitter @FirstNetGov.


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