State Plans Consultation is a Top Priority for 2017

February 1, 2017

By Dave Buchanan, Director of Consultation

With a new year in full swing, FirstNet is focusing its consultation program around one of our top priorities for 2017:  the successful development and delivery of State Plans. Our goal is to deliver and discuss State Plans that reflect the public safety priorities of each State and Territory for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.

To achieve this, we will build on our consultation efforts through governance body meetings, SPOC team interaction, executive meetings and additional public safety meetings.  We are designing these engagements with targeted outcomes in mind, including:

  • Validate who is important to the State Plan process in each state
  • Describe the State Plan delivery and review process in each state, including access considerations and web portal content
  • Affirm states’ priorities, such as business factors and public safety needs.

FirstNet will also work with our future awardee to refine value propositions and capabilities specific to each state or territory.  Our consultation with the states will help ensure that each Governor receives an accurate, effective, proposal that reflects the state’s needs. 

To hear more about our approach to State Plans consultation in 2017, please view the following video: 


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