FirstNet at CES 2018 Media Kit

The First Responder Network Authority will be at the CES and CES Government technology conferences Jan. 9-12, 2018 to discuss the potential FirstNet holds to enhance and modernize communications for first responders.

On Jan. 11, FirstNet will host the Transforming the Future of Emergency Communications track with three panels:

Paving the Way for Connected Emergency Vehicles will explore the ways emergency vehicles, when connected with FirstNet broadband technology, can integrate with smart cities technology for a faster, safer response for the public and first responders.


FirstNet Applications Ecosystem will go into more depth on FirstNet’s developer portal and program, and how they will foster continuous innovation for first responders.


The Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST) will address the way technology is enabling a smarter and more connected response. Capturing data from security systems, HVAC and even fitness monitors and pacemakers can save valuable seconds – and lives – in emergencies.


On Jan. 12, CEO Mike Poth will deliver a keynote address at the CES Government conference.

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