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About FirstNet and Federal Users

FirstNet seeks to bring 21st century tools to millions of individuals who respond to emergencies at the Federal, state, territory, tribe, and local levels.

FirstNet is governed by a 15-member Board that includes the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Attorney General of the United States, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and 12 other members appointed by the Secretary of Commerce.

Yes, Federal agencies that conduct and deliver public safety services can subscribe to the network. For example, agency components conducting missions such as law enforcement, homeland security, border security and disaster response operations are integral parts of the public safety stakeholder community and can subscribe to FirstNet as primary users.

The FirstNet network will provide federal departments and agencies with streamlined interoperability to execute their missions while working with public safety officials at all levels of government. FirstNet will provide coverage solutions that allow federal subscribers and other public safety users to use the network when and where they need it.

The network will offer priority and preemption capabilities for public safety communications, allowing public safety officials to avoid network congestion that occurs during emergencies. Incident commanders and officials will have local control over the network, such as assigning users and talk groups and determining who can access applications.

The decision to subscribe to FirstNet remains with agencies and is, in part, based on how the agency acquires IT goods and services. FirstNet aims to provide federal agencies with operational value and efficiencies by delivering secure, resilient, interoperable public safety wireless broadband beyond what a commercial provider may offer.

Components within agencies should assess the FirstNet solution against their mission requirements and decide the best solution for their operational elements.

FirstNet is asking for input and feedback, particularly related to geographical areas including the southwestern and northern border regions and coastal and interior waterways, which will be shared with FirstNet’s private-sector partner(s) in an effort to ensure that FirstNet’s capabilities meet agency objectives. Any decision to participate is best facilitated through  mutually beneficial consultative discussion with FirstNet.

FirstNet consults with federal agencies regarding the impact of critical policies and procedures for FirstNet, most recently including issues about quality of service, priority and preemption (QPP) and security/encryption requirements. FirstNet also works to continue the dialog regarding opportunities and challenges with coverage objectives, eligible users and priority service for public safety officials.

Some of the ways agencies may participate with FirstNet include:

  • Participate in FirstNet’s key consultation activities (listed in the table below)
  • Share user needs and the existence of available infrastructure assets with FirstNet’s consultation staff
  • Become a “cooperating agency” in FirstNet’s analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act

Key Consultation Activities

Federal Working Group (FWG) under PSAC Selection made within each agency; Chaired by DOJ and DHS; practitioners in the public safety field from the following agencies: USDA, DOD, DOE, DHS, DOI, and DOJ To provide input for PSAC’s consideration for inclusion in recommendations to FirstNet Monthly teleconference, Quarterly webinars and Bi-Annual/ In-person meetings Initial Charter through March 31, 2017; FWG will be reviewed and possibly extended at that time
Federal Consultation Task Teams 3-5 selected personnel from each agency; nominated by APOC To address specific topics of concern and to provide input from subject matter experts Periodic; as required As required to address topics of concern
Agency Point of Contact (APOC) Volunteer To serve as the Primary contact for all agency engagement with FirstNet Monthly teleconference; contact as required Ongoing

FirstNet uses an iterative consultation process to draw feedback from stakeholders across the United States. This process applies to federal agencies in coordination with the Agency Points of Contact (APOC). APOCs help distribute information and any requests for data collection and feedback from FirstNet to the agency components and bureaus.

FirstNet continually seeks input from federal agencies as part of acquisition and planning efforts to establish policies that guide future network operations. The data FirstNet previously collected from federal agencies has been used to better understand federal public safety needs and to inform the development of the FirstNet RFP.

The initial data collection effort has concluded however, FirstNet encourages agencies to continue to provide feedback to the FirstNet customer service team.

There are currently 14 federal agencies represented through the Agency Point of Contact (APOC)group.  FirstNet welcomes other agencies with a public safety, emergency management or homeland security mission segment to contact the Federal Consultation Team at FederalConsultation@FirstNet.gov concerning participation. 

Agency Bureau or Component
Agriculture U.S. Forest Service
Commerce NTIA
Defense OCIO
Energy NNSA
Health and Human Services ASPR
Agency Bureau or Component
Homeland Security OCIO
Interior OCIO
Justice FBI

To provide additional data or feedback, contact the FirstNet Federal Consultation Team at FederalConsultation@FirstNet.gov

FirstNet Liaisons

FirstNet Liaisons
  • Charlotte Whitacre
    Regions 6 7 9

    Office: 571-665-6062
    Mobile: 202-631-3323

    • Department of Agriculture
    • Department of Energy
    • Department of Justice
    • Department of Labor
    • Department of State

  • Tiffany Perry
    Regions 3 4

    Office: 571-665-6048
    Mobile: 202-430-3517

    • General Services Administration
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Department of Health and Human Services
    • Department of Transportation
    • Department of Treasury

  • Christopher Algiere
    Regions 1 2 5 8 10

    Office: 571-665-6034
    Mobile: 202-763-6669

    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Defense
    • Federal Communications Commission
    • Department of the Interior
    • Canada/International
    • National Security Issues

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