Meet FirstNet, the Future of Public Safety Broadband Communications at CES 2018

December 20, 2017
Fireman holding mobile device.
Fireman holding mobile device.
Bill Schrier, FirstNet Senior Adviser

FirstNet will debut the first Public Safety Track at the 2018 CES conference in Las Vegas, NV. The Consumer Technology Association invited FirstNet’s Senior Advisor Bill Schrier to author a guest blog introducing FirstNet to the Tech community, originally posted on

The U.S. First Responder Network Authority and AT&T deliver the only technology platform built for the public safety professionals who keep people and communities across our nation safe and secure: FirstNet.

FirstNet is the communications network that public safety advocated for and deserves. Until now, public safety has relied on a patchwork of radio systems and commercial LTE networks. Radio systems vary from agency to agency and jurisdiction to jurisdiction; and commercial networks are prone to congestion and often unavailable in remote areas. FirstNet will address these challenges with a single, secure, nationwide network running on a band of 700 Mhz spectrum dedicated to public safety and built to the same open, international standards of all LTE networks.

And it can’t come soon enough. This year’s hurricane and wildfire seasons, along with a series of human-made tragedies, have tested responders and the communities they serve. FirstNet will improve response times for public safety and personal security for responders from coast-to-coast, in every territory, and in rural and urban areas, leading to safer and more secure communities.

Read the full blog and learn more about FirstNet at CES 2018.

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