The Public Safety Advisory Committee of the Future

January 25, 2018
Photo of Tom Sorley, PSAC Chair
Photo of Tom Sorley, PSAC Chair
Tom Sorley, PSAC Chair

The Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) took steps in 2017 to plan and prepare for what is sure to be an exciting future for public safety.  I’m thrilled to lead the PSAC during this time of tremendous growth and the buildout and operation of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.

Our excitement is matched by the progress of the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T.  The public-private partnership has delivered a nationwide network for public safety.  And it will continue to deliver new and innovative solutions over the network, as well as bring its capabilities to bear to address any technological challenges inherent with a Network of this size.  

The PSAC Executive Committee and I have been excited to see up close the impressive progress this past year, and we are eager to mobilize the PSAC in support of those efforts going forward.  The PSAC brings together leaders, practitioners, and responders from across levels of government through the more than 40 associations that make up our membership.  Our mission is to provide guidance, information, and subject matter expertise from a public safety perspective to ensure that user needs, requirements, and public safety operational capabilities are included in the network.

Further, since every discipline of public safety is represented on the PSAC, we are able to provide truly holistic advice on what public safety needs in a network.  Having this direct line ensures that public safety continues to have a voice in their Network.  This is unique only to FirstNet.  And we are eager to continue advocating for public safety, differentiating it from any other network. 

I’m pleased to share this video to highlight our commitment to engaging public safety at every level, building on past successes, and looking to the future of public safety.  From the PSAC’s Fall Webinar to our December meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, the PSAC has shown a strong desire to work with the First Responder Network Authority, AT&T, and public safety practitioners to bring this Network to the public safety community.


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