The Governor's Decision Media Kit

FirstNet is the creation of the nation’s public safety community, who spent years advocating for their own wireless broadband network following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to enhance communications during emergencies and other events.  Congress passed legislation to establish the Network in 2012, and for the past five years, the First Responder Network Authority worked closely with public safety to develop customized plans for building the Network in each state and territory. 

The statutory 90-day decision period for Governors to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of the FirstNet proposed Radio Access Network (RAN) buildout plan concluded on December 28, 2017. With all 50 states, 5 U.S. territories and Washington, D.C. joining FirstNet, public safety has a groundbreaking new choice for their communications that will help them save lives and protect their communities.

To learn more, read FirstNet’s press release and infographic .

The states and territories below have elected to opt in to the FirstNet network – click one of the links to learn more.

FirstNet Media Contact:
Chrissie Coon,

The Governor's Decision media materials

Virginia First State to Opt in to FirstNet

FirstNet State Plans in 100 Seconds

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