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FirstNet CEO Michael Poth, Board Chairwoman Sue Swenson, President TJ Kennedy, Dave Buchanan, Ed Parkinson, Amanda Hilliard, Board Vice Chair Jeff Johnson

Public Safety Events

These are the public speaking engagements for FirstNet Board members and senior staff (information subject to change). If you are interested in having FirstNet deliver remarks at an upcoming conference, meeting, or special event, please complete a Speaker Request form.

Date Event Location Speaker
Jan. 11-16 National Association of EMS Physicians 2016 Annual Meeting San Diego, CA Brent Williams
Jan. 12 Inter-Tribal Emergency Response Commission of Nevada Board Meeting Sparks, NV Adam Geisler, Keone Kali
Jan. 12-15 Southeast Public Safety Broadband Summit Orange Beach, AL Various
Jan. 13-16 National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) Annual Meeting San Diego, CA Brent Williams, Josh Ederheimer
Jan. 13 FirstNet Issues RFP for the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network Reston, VA FirstNet
Jan. 15 RFP Webinar Reston, VA James Mitchell, Terrie Callahan
Jan. 17-20 Alabama Sheriffs Association Winter Conference Hoover, AL Josh Ederheimer
Jan. 19 Minnesota Chippewa Tribal Meeting Carlton, MN Margaret Muhr
Jan. 20 Florida EMS Advisory Council Meeting (Exhibit Booth) Daytona Beach, FL Brent Williams
Jan. 20 IAEM Webinar N/A Amanda Hilliard, Mike Worrell
Jan. 21 FEMA Region 1 RECCWG Meeting Maynard, MA Mike Varney
Jan. 26-31 Wisconsin EMS Working Together Emergency Services Midwest Conference & Expo (to include FirstNet Exhibit Booth) Milwaukee, WI Brent Williams
Jan. 27 Osage Nation Data Collection Workshop Pawhuska, OK Margaret Muhr
Jan. 27 FEMA Region X Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group Meeting Seattle, WA Steve Noel
Date Event Location Speaker
Feb. 1-4 Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians Winter Convention Suquamish, WA Adam Geisler
Feb. 2 House Energy & Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Hearing at 10:15 am Washington, DC TJ Kennedy
Feb. 2-3 5TH Annual Americas Spectrum Management Conference Washington, DC TJ Kennedy
Feb. 3-5 Major Cities Chiefs Association Winter Conference San Antonio, TX Josh Ederheimer
Feb. 5 New Hampshire Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee Meeting New Hampshire Mike Varney
Feb. 6-9 National Sheriffs Association Conference Washington, DC Josh Ederheimer, TJ Kennedy, Mike Poth, Rich Stanek
Feb. 8-11 NCAI United South and Eastern Tribes Impact Week Arlington, VA Carl Rebstock, Margaret Muhr
Feb. 9-11 Major County Sheriffs Washington, DC Josh Ederheimer, TJ Kennedy, Mike Poth, Rich Stanek
Feb. 11 Delaware Broadband Task Force Meeting Dover, DE Lori Stone
Feb. 16 North Country Interoperability Consortium meeting Beecher Falls, VT Mike Varney
Feb. 17 New Hampshire Lakes Region Fire Mutual Aid Association meeting NH Mike Varney
Feb. 17 AFCEA 2016 Federal Networks Conference Vienna, VA Ed Parkinson
Feb. 18-21 State EMS Association Meeting Sioux Falls, SD Brent Williams
Feb. 19-22 National Governors Association Winter Meeting Washington, DC Sue Swenson, Jeff Johnson, Gov. Douglas, Mike Poth, TJ Kennedy, Edward Parkinson
Feb. 20-24 NACo Legislative Conference Washington, DC Amanda Hilliard, Justin Shore
Feb. 21-24 NENA 9-1-1 Goes to Washington 2016 Arlington, VA TJ Kennedy, Bill Hinkle, Amanda Hilliard
Feb. 22-23 IACP-ICLES Midyear Meeting Las Vegas, NV Carl Rebstock
Feb. 22-25 Michigan SIEC Conference Traverse City, MI Tim Pierce
Feb. 23-26 AASHTO 2016 Legislative Meeting Washington, DC Drew Delaney
Feb. 25-27 2016 EMS Today (Exhibit Booth) Baltimore, MD Brent Williams, Kevin McGinnis
Feb. 26 SPOC Webinar (February 2016) N/A Various
Feb. 29-Mar. 3 2016 CALNENA Conference Palo Alto, CA Bill Hinkle
Date Event Location Speaker
Mar. 1 FEMA Region III RCCWG Plenary Session Harper's Ferry, WV Lori Stone
Mar. 1 Rhode Island Interoperable Communications Committee Meeting Warwick, RI Mike Varney
Mar. 2-3 TN-CNECT Regional Public Safety Broadband Conference (East) Spencer, TN Lori Stone
Mar. 2 Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission Meeting Waterbury, VT Mike Varney
Mar. 2 Idaho FirstNet Focus Governance Meeting Boise, ID Steve Noel
Mar. 5 ICMA Government Affairs & Policy Committee Annual Meeting Washington, DC Drew Delaney
Mar. 6-10 NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance Augusta, GA Kim Farington
Mar. 7-10 Georgia Emergency Communications Conference Columbus, GA Bill Hinkle
Mar. 8-10 IAFC Wildland Urban Interface Conference Reno, NV Mike Worrell
Mar. 8-10 APCO Western Regional Conference Portland, OR Jeff Johnson, Ed Parkinson, Steve Noel, Vicki Lee, Kristi Wilde
Mar. 9 Ohio SIEC Meeting Columbus, OH Tim Pierce
Mar. 10 FirstNet Pre-Proposal Conference Reston, VA FirstNet
Mar. 10 National Sheriffs Association FirstNet Webinar N/A Amanda Hilliard, Larry Amerson, David Cook
Mar. 10-12 National Fire Protection Association – Electronic Safety Equipment
Dallas, TX Mike Worrell
Mar. 11 Pennsylvania Southcentral Regional Meeting Pennsylvania Lori Stone
Mar. 11 Metro Washington Council of Governments 9-1-1 Director's Committee Bowie, MD Bill Hinkle
Mar. 14 Institution of Fire Engineers Conference with Center for Public Safety Excellence Annual Meeting Orlando, FL Mike Worrell
Mar. 14 The Eisenhower School-National Defense University ICT Industry Study Course Washington, DC Chris Algiere
Mar. 15-16 APCO Kansas City Emerging Technology Forum Kansas City, MO Bill Hinkle, Kevin McGinnis
Mar. 15 Indiana SIEC Quarterly In-Person Meeting Indianapolis, IN Tim Pierce
Mar. 15 Indiana IPSC Quarterly Meeting Indianapolis, IN Tim Pierce
Mar. 16-17 TN-CNECT Regional Public Safety Broadband Conference (West) Counce, TN Mike Varney
Mar. 16 FirstNet Board Meeting Reston, VA Various
Mar. 17 Workshop on Information Sharing & Safeguarding Standards (WIS3) Reston, VA Jeff Bratcher
Mar. 17 FirstNet March 2016 Association Staff Briefing Washington, DC FirstNet
Mar. 21 Pennsylvania Regional Meeting – Southcentral Mountain Task Force TBD Lori Stone
Mar. 21-25 International Wireless Communications Expo 2016 Las Vegas, NV Various
Mar. 25 NPSTC Meeting Las Vegas, NV TJ Kennedy, Kevin McGinnis
Mar. 29-
Apr. 2
Sioux Tribal Utility Commission Mission, SD Carl Rebstock, Doug Harder
Mar. 29- New York State Interoperable Communications Consortium Oriskany, NY David Cook
Mar. 30-31 Montana Indian Nations Working Group Polson, MT Margaret Muhr
Mar. 30-31 TN-CNECT Regional Public Safety Broadband Conference (Middle) Burns, TN Lori Stone
Date Event Location Speaker
Mar. 29-
Apr. 2
Sioux Tribal Utility Commission Mission, SD Carl Rebstock, Doug Harder
Apr. 3-6 Texas APCO/NENA Conference Galveston, TX Bill Hinkle
Apr. 4-6 NASEMSO Spring 2016 Meeting Bethesda, MD Kevin McGinnis, Brent Williams
Apr. 5-8 Texas Emergency Management Conference San Antonio, TX Dave Buchanan, Jacque Miller-Waring, Brian Kassa, Margaret Muhr
Apr. 5-7 Navajo Telecommunications Commission Site Tour and Commission Meeting Laveen Village + Window Rock, AZ Adam Geisler, Mike Worrell, Bill Hinkle
Apr. 5 Rhode Island Interoperable Communications Committee Warwick, RI Mike Varney
Apr. 6 TN-CNECT Leadership Committee Meeting Nashville, TN Lori Stone
Apr. 12-13 Spring 2016 SPOC Meeting McLean, VA Various
Apr. 13-15 CCA Mobile Carriers Show 2016 Nashville, TN TJ Kennedy
Apr. 14 Tribal Working Group Meeting McLean, VA Various
Apr. 14 FirstNet Federal Open House Washington, DC Chris Algiere, Brian Kassa
Apr. 17-20 Minnesota Chiefs of Police 2016 Executive Training Institute St. Cloud, MN Tim Pierce
Apr. 18-20 2016 Arkansas APCO Conference Hot Springs, AR Bill Hinkle
Apr. 18-19 NAFOA 34th Annual Conference Chandler, AZ Kim Farington, Adam Geisler
Apr. 18-20 Emergency Response Technology Leadership Forum Silver Spring, MD Mike Poth
Apr. 18-20 Louisiana APCO/NENA Symposium Lake Charles, LA Bill Hinkle
Apr. 19-21 Arkansas Ambulance Association EMS Expo 2016 Little Rock, AR Brent Williams
Apr. 19-20 Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference Augusta, ME Mike Varney
Apr. 19-21 Connecticut Intertribal Meeting CT Carl Rebstock, David Cook
Apr. 21 Washington SIEC Meeting/FirstNet Focus Governance Event for the 2016 Consultation Process Camp Murray, WA TJ Kennedy, Ed Parkinson, Steve Noel
Apr. 25-27 Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police Annual Leadership Conference Casper, WY Tracey Murdock
Apr. 25-27 2016 Minnesota Public Safety Interoperable Communications Conference St. Cloud, MN Various
Apr. 26 Massachusetts FirstNet Advisory Board Framingham, MA Mike Varney
Apr. 26 FedScoop Public Sector Innovation Summit Arlington, VA Teri Takai
Apr. 27 Indiana NENA/APCO Conference Indianapolis, IN Bill Hinkle
Apr. 28 Connecticut Emergency Management Symposium Cromwell, CT David Cook
Date Event Location Speaker
May 1-4 Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies (ASCIA) 2016 Spring Conference Charleston, SC Amanda Hilliard
May 3 Experience Public Safety LTE (XPSLTE) Demo Brighton, CO Jen Harder, Jeff Bratcher
May 3-5 Maine Annual NENA Conference South Portland, ME Bill Hinkle
May 3 Rhode Island Interoperable Communications Committee Lincoln, RI Michael Varney
May 4-5 Congressional Fire Services Institute Seminar Washington, DC Jeff Johnson, Ed Parkinson, Mike Worrell, Vicki Lee
May 4 Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission Meeting Waterbury, VT Michael Varney
May 4-5 Colorado 2016 Public Safety Radio Summit Denver, CO Mark Golaszewski
May 5 Hennepin County Police Chiefs Association Golden Valley, MN Tim Pierce
May 6 New Hampshire SIEC Meeting Concord, NH Michael Varney
May 6 NASCIO DC Fly-In 2016 Washington, DC Mike Poth, Rich Reed, Ed Parkinson, Justin Shore
May 9 AFCEA 8th Annual Law Enforcement and Public Safety Technology Forum Washington, DC TJ Kennedy
May 10-11 FEMA Regional Emergency Communication Coordination Working Group Salt Lake City, UT Tracey Murdock
May 10 Oregon FirstNet-Focused Governance Body Meeting Salem, OR Steve Noel
May 11-17 Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association Conference Long Beach, CA Jeff Johnson, Vicki Lee
May 12 Richmond Fire Department FirstNet 101 Presentation Richmond, VA Lori Stone, Tom Shull
May 13-14 IAFC Volunteer & Combination Officers Symposium in the West Reno, NV Mike Worrell
May 13 New Mexico APCO/NENA Training Conference Albuquerque, NM Bill Hinkle
May 16 Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) Public Meeting Washington, DC Genevieve Walker
May 16-18 Government Performance Summit 2016 Washington, DC Chris Algiere
May 16-17 APCO 2016 Public Safety Broadband Summit Washington, DC Mike Poth, TJ Kennedy, Jeff Posner, Bill Hinkle
May 17-19 New York State 9-1-1 Coordinators Conference Corning, NY Bill Hinkle
May 17 District of Columbia Interoperable Communications Committee Meeting Washington, DC Lori Stone
May 17 District of Columbia Unified Communications Center Washington, DC Bill Hinkle
May 19 PEIS Public Meeting Annapolis, MD Genevieve Walker
May 21-25 IAFC Fire-Rescue Med 2016 (Booth) Henderson, NV Brent Williams, Mike Worrell
May 22 IACP Communications & technology Committee Meeting Dallas, TX Bill Hinkle
May 23-25 IACP Law Enforcement Information Management Conference Dallas, TX Ed Parkinson, Ehrin Ehlert
May 23 New York State City/County Management Association 2016 Annual Conference Corning, NY David Cook
May 23-26 Wireless Infrastructure Show 2016 Dallas, TX Ed Parkinson
May 24-27 MCCA / PERF / NEIA 2016 Joint Meeting New York, NY Mike Poth, Richard Stanek, Chris Burbank,
Dave Buchanan
May 24 PEIS Public Meeting Bangor, ME Amanda Perreira
May 24 PEIS Public Meeting New York, NY Bob Scinta
May 25 PEIS Public Meeting Boston, MA Amanda Perreira
May 25 PEIS Public Meeting New Haven, CT Bob Scinta
May 26 Minnesota Governance Body Meeting Shoreview, MN Tim Pierce, Jamel Vinson, John Hunt
May 26 PEIS Public Meeting Providence, RI Amanda Perreira
May 26 PEIS Public Meeting Albany, NY Bob Scinta
May 31 PEIS Public Meeting Richmond, VA Genevieve Walker
May 31 PEIS Public Meeting Burlington, VT Chris Eck
Date Event Location Speaker
Jun. 1-4 2016 Connecticut EMS Expo Norwich, CT Brent Williams
Jun. 1 PEIS Public Meeting Charleston, WV Genevieve Walker
Jun. 1 PEIS Public Meeting Manchester, NH Chris Eck
Jun. 2 Pennsylvania Northwestern Emergency Response Group TBD, PA Lori Stone
Jun. 2 Delaware Governance Body meeting Dover, DE Lori Stone
Jun. 2 Wyoming Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Cheyenne, WY Tracey Murdock
Jun. 6 Summer 2016 PSAC Meeting San Diego, CA Various
Jun. 7-9 PSCR 2016 Public Safety Broadband Stakeholder Meeting San Diego, CA Various
June 7-9 2016 Inter-Tribal Emergency Management Coalition (iTEMC)
Durant, OK Margaret Muhr
Jun. 9 Maine Intertribal Meeting Passamaquoddy Indian Township, ME Margaret Muhr
Jun. 9-11 Montana Fire Alliance Annual Meeting Anaconda, MT Tracey Murdock
Jun. 11 NASNA Annual Meeting Indianapolis, IN Bill Hinkle
Jun. 11-16 NENA 2016 Annual Conference Indianapolis, IN Bill Hinkle
Jun. 12-14 Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Annual Conference Springfield, IL Tim Pierce
Jun. 12-15 ITS America 2016 Conference San Jose, CA Kevin McGinnis
Jun. 13 Pennsylvania Northwest Central Emergency Response Group (TBC) TBD, PA Lori Stone
Jun. 14-17 Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association 2016 Convention Missoula, MT Tracey Murdock
Jun. 14 PEIS Public Meeting – Harrisburg Harrisburg, PA Bob Scinta
Jun. 14 Michigan 5th District Medical Response Coalition Kalamazoo, MI Brent Williams
Jun. 15-17 Arkansas Municipal League 82nd Annual Convention Little Rock, AR Jacque Miller-Waring
Jun. 15-18 Rocky Mountain Trauma Conference Denver, CO Brent Williams
Jun. 15 PEIS Public Meeting – Trenton Trenton, NJ Bob Scinta
Jun. 16-19 2016 IAFC International HAZMAT Response Teams Conference Baltimore, MD Mike Worrell
Jun. 16 PEIS Public Meeting – Dover Dover, DE Bob Scinta

The schedule of upcoming board meetings and related meeting materials may be found here.

The schedule of upcoming state consultation meetings may be found here.

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