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FirstNet for Developers

The FirstNet Application Developer Program is open, at no cost, to large and small enterprises, public safety entities, data exchanges, technology policymakers and individual developers who are passionate about driving the quality and usability of public safety solutions. Through the program, developers can create and offer innovative, public-safety focused apps for use by FirstNet’s first responder subscribers. Current apps range from highly secure communications and interoperability to groundbreaking technology that includes dynamic network Quality of Service (QoS), streaming video, surveillance, situational awareness, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), In-building mapping, forensic intelligence, wearables, augmented reality and many more.

Every app listed in the App Catalog for FirstNet has been inspected to 1) verify the app is directly relevant to the needs of first responders, 2) be highly confident the app is secure and protects data, and 3) demonstrate a history of limited unplanned outages with three 9's (99.9%) availability. FirstNet Certified™ apps have demonstrated their ability to limit unplanned outages with four 9's (99.99%) availability and meet the additional criteria of resiliency, scalability, and optimized use of mobility resources.

With FirstNet, developers can bring public-safety apps and solutions to the first-responder community and help modernize our nation’s public safety tools and capabilities -- an incredible opportunity to be a part of transforming communications for those who save lives and protect our communities across the nation.

Learn more about how developers can be a part of driving innovation for public safety communications through the FirstNet Developer program on