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Public Safety First

The FirstNet Authority Podcast

The Public Safety First podcast takes a deep dive into public safety communications, highlighting the creative ways responders are using technology to serve their communities. Join FirstNet Authority experts and public safety leaders to hear success stories, best practices, and lessons learned related to broadband in public safety operations. Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube

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 FirstNet Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLT), Podcast logo and Firefighter looking at wildfire photo collage
May 09, 2023
When a rural fire in Brooks County, Texas engulfed 6,500 acres of land, the Falfurrias Fire Department faced significant communication and coordination challenges due to the remote location of the fire. FirstNet provided a solution to this problem with the deployment of a SatCOLT, a vehicle with its own cell site non-reliant on commercial power supplies, that provided crucial connectivity and support to over 40 agencies and public safety personnel. This subsequently enabled efficient mapping of the location, real-time weather updates, and seamless communication among first responders.
FirstNet-enabled devices on a table outside; Public Safety First podcast icon
March 21, 2023
In Charles County, Maryland, the school district has adopted FirstNet’s secure and dependable network to ensure communication during emergency and day-to-day situations. The school district has also integrated the use of drones into their school security plans, enhancing situational awareness for responders so they can more efficiently respond to emergencies.
Three Phoenix Fire Department firefighters are observing to provide support to Super Bowl LVII.
March 15, 2023
The Super Bowl — America’s largest sporting event — requires significant pre-planning to ensure the safety of players, staff, and spectators. Coordinating public safety communications for Super Bowl LVII involved more than a dozen different cities and jurisdictions and posed unique challenges, including overlap with another major sporting event the same week. Through the FirstNet Authority’s Network Experience Engagement Program, public safety officials in Arizona received pre-planning assistance for the Super Bowl, helping responders be ready on game day.
Shade Gap Area Fire Company fire vehicle stands in front of forested area and building, spraying water; Public Safety First podcast logo
January 18, 2023
Broadband infrastructure remains limited in rural communities, making it difficult for local public safety to stay connected and respond quickly to emergencies. In Shade Gap, Pennsylvania, this has meant dropped 9-1-1 calls and significant communications challenges for the mountainous area. With the launch of a new FirstNet cell site in Shade Gap, local first responders now have access to high-speed, reliable cellular connectivity that is enhancing public safety for residents and visitors.
Kevin Mitchell in front of a Oxford Police Mobile Operations vehicle
November 10, 2022
The Oxford Police Department is the first public safety agency in Alabama to obtain a FirstNet compact rapid deployable, a miniature cell tower that generates cellular and wi-fi coverage quickly, efficiently, and wherever it’s needed. This advanced technology acts as a solution for challenges that first responders face when trying to stay connected during emergencies, in more rural areas, or during large events where networks can get overwhelmed.