Emergency Management

“The ability to have our own dedicated broadband capability is a long time coming…the more that we’re able to integrate and work things faster, the better we are able to provide safety and security.”

- Alicia Tate-Nadeau,
Chicago Executive Director of Office of Emergency Management and Communications

One of the most important duties of an emergency manager is to turn data into actionable information so all response entities can maintain situational awareness. FirstNet supports these efforts in many ways, including:

  • High-volume data streaming to and from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the field
  • Improved tracking of vehicles, equipment, personnel, evacuees, etc.
  • App Catalog for FirstNet with public safety and emergency management apps
  • 72 FirstNet dedicated deployables available at no cost to FirstNet subscribers for planned events and disaster response/recovery
  • Integration with NG-911 and Smart Cities applications

Quality of Service, Priority and Preemption

FirstNet is a nationwide communications platform that provides a reliable, resilient, highly available wireless connection for emergency response. Priority and preemption capabilities are always on, not externally activated. This ensures first responders stay connected during large emergencies when commercial networks can become overloaded. FirstNet’s priority capabilities have been battle-tested by public safety during natural disasters, emergency incidents, and pre-planned events.

Local Control for Users and Applications

Through an easy-to-use dashboard, FirstNet primary agencies have the unique ability to “uplift” all users, including extended primary users, to a higher priority status during planned events and disaster incidents. Emergency managers often work closely with extended primary organizations such as utilities, NGOs, and Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) groups, and thus will benefit greatly from this capability.

Meet your Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert

Lesia Dickson is the senior advisor for emergency management, as well as Director of Field Operations for the First Responder Network Authority in the North Central area (FEMA Regions 5&7). Before this role, Lesia worked in Texas Emergency Management where she implemented and managed the Evacuation Tracking Network for the State of Texas – a system which coordinated a wide array of state, jurisdictional and private sector resources in order to track thousands of people, pets, buses and ambulances during widespread evacuations. Lesia has 25 years of experience with AT&T/SBC where she was Strategic Account Director for State Accounts and liaison to Texas Division of Emergency Management for emergency communications.

Lesia is available to meet or talk with agencies who want to learn more about FirstNet and help the First Responder Network Authority shape the future of the FirstNet network and public safety communications.

Lesia Dickson

SME Contact