Bordered by four of the Great Lakes, Michigan’s diverse geography includes islands, mountains, and the largest state park and state forest system of any state. Michigan also boasts a large population in its southern regions where there is a high concentration of manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture industries. The north, in contrast, is home to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is far more rural. Due to this range in population and terrain, Michigan's response teams need to be ready for a variety of environments.

The First Responder Network Authority team recognizes the unique communications challenges that Michigan first responders face. We have been working closely with Michigan public safety officials since 2014, capturing their feedback and translating it into the design of the FirstNet network. During the development of state deployment plans, our team worked hand-in-hand with Michigan leaders to ensure the plan was customized to address their needs, including:

  • Expanding coverage in rural and tribal areas and along Michigan’s waterways and shorelines
  • Helping address communications challenges along the state’s border with Canada, including key ports and border crossings

Following this close collaboration, Michigan chose to adopt the plan and “opt in” to FirstNet. Today, we continue to meet regularly with state and local officials to discuss their public safety broadband needs. In 2019 alone, our team met with Michigan public safety officials 25 times. Our engagements in Michigan included attending the Michigan Interoperability Board Meeting, meeting with Gulfport Harrison County, and meeting with the Michigan Chapter of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials. Engagements like these are crucial to the ongoing success of the network and the advancement of public safety communications across the state and the nation.

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Before, we had to queue up. We had to wait. Sometimes, we didn't even get on the network because there was too much traffic. Now, with our FirstNet network, we’re getting it. We're on board.


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