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The Public Safety Advisory Committee meets in a conference room

About PSAC

About the Public Safety Advisory Committee

Consistent with the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, the FirstNet Authority was required to establish a Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). The FirstNet Authority established the PSAC in February 2013 consisting of members representing all disciplines of public safety as well as state, territorial, tribal, and local governments. PSAC also has at-large members and federal members. The mission of the PSAC is to assist the FirstNet Authority in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Specifically, the PSAC:

  • Offers FirstNet guidance, information, and subject matter expertise from a public safety perspective to ensure that user needs, requirements, and public safety operational capabilities are included in the network
  • Provides subject matter expertise on concepts (e.g., policies, procedures, technologies, operational methods) developed by FirstNet
  • Advises FirstNet through the creation of initial documents, plans, or reports related to the build-out, deployment, and operation of a nationwide public safety broadband network (NPSBN). The PSAC reports include subject matter related to shared intergovernmental responsibilities or administration.
  • Conducts regular meetings to remain informed and up to date on FirstNet’s progress