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Episode 10 of the Public Safety First Podcast highlights FirstNet's engagement strategy.

New opportunities for agencies to engage with FirstNet Authority on operationalizing mobile data

October 24, 2018

More than 3,600 agencies have now joined FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network dedicated to America’s first responders. As public safety agencies sign up for FirstNet and tap into the key capabilities of their network, the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) continues to work hand-in-hand with them to understand their current and future broadband needs.

With this in mind, the FirstNet Authority Public Safety Advocacy team recently launched a new public safety engagement opportunity for agencies across the country. I’m excited to lead these new engagements, which are designed to be interactive and informative about public safety’s current use of public safety broadband.

The conversation is about more than just technology – we also want to cover the types of organizations and entities that collaborate with public safety agencies for interoperability and operational communications needs. Our goal is to be inclusive of everyone who is involved in public safety communications -- from a practitioner to a telecommunicator, as well as IT offices and others that are delivering public safety services.

Our team at the FirstNet Authority is looking for areas where broadband can help increase public safety’s capabilities and streamline functions for a more efficient, effective and safer response in the future.

We recently conducted a couple of pilot engagements that have reaped significant benefits. For the FirstNet Authority, it’s been an opportunity gain a deeper understanding of how data can assist public safety operations. It also provides a chance for agencies to review their current operations and spark conversations about how to effectively support communications to accomplish their mission. 

With an eye to the future, and given these engagements that focus on learning and exchanging information, our promise to public safety will be realized by advancing and innovating broadband capabilities for the network. For public safety entities interested in participating in one of our engagements, please reach out to your FirstNet point of contact in the field, or contact FirstNet directly at




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