An EMS tech, firefighter and police officer use various devices, accompanied by the words "FirstNet at CES 2019"

FirstNet at CES 2019: Spotlight on Technology for Building Community Resiliency

First responders know all too well that emergencies and natural disasters can strike at any time. In 2018, communities across the nation were hit particularly hard – from Hurricanes Florence and Michael on the East Coast, to massive and destructive wildfires on the West Coast.

In natural disasters like these, the ability to communicate and share information is essential to effective emergency response. Now more than ever, mobile technology is playing a vital role in ensuring communities are prepared for and can recover from disasters. Emergency personnel need reliable communication and connection to use lifesaving mobile technology and applications – and that’s where FirstNet comes in.

You can learn more about how FirstNet -- the nation’s dedicated public safety broadband network -- is transforming the future of public safety communications at the CES 2019 and CES Government conferences. The First Responder Network Authority will be speaking about the innovations enabled by FirstNet and how the FirstNet ecosystem of devices and apps are supporting community resilience.

Find us at Booth #1201 Westgate in the CES Smart Cities – Resiliency Exhibit Hall or join us for any of the following panel discussions or keynotes:


CES 2019

Wednesday, Jan. 9

10 - 10:45 a.m. PT | Ensuring Resilient Communications Networks  | Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F (to be livestreamed)

Our nation needs communications networks that can function in the face of disaster. Overloaded networks, infrastructure damage, and security attacks are just a few examples of the potential roadblocks to first responders during a crisis. How can we ensure that we are ready when the next challenge arises?

Moderator: Jennifer Harder, Senior Product Director, First Responder Network Authority


  • Fire Chief Erik Newman, Stockton, CA
  • Henry de Chaille, Business Development, Loon
  • John Lawson, Executive Director, AWARN Alliance

11:45 a.m.  -12:30 p.m. PT | Emergency Preparedness | Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F (to be livestreamed)

Examining the phases of preparedness, response and recovery, learn how governments, agencies and first responders are using technology to enable the supply of basic human necessities and communication critical to the response and recovery from a disaster.

Moderator: Izzy Santa, Director, Strategic Communications, CTA

  • Lesia Dickson, Director, First Responder Network Authority
  • Andre Hentz, Undersecretary, Department of Homeland Security
  • Daniel Kaniewski, Deputy Administrator, Resilience, FEMA
  • Chris Rezendes, Spherical Analytics

Thursday, Jan. 10

3:30 - 4:30 p.m. PT | CES Smart Cities, Public Safety & Disaster Preparedness/Recovery  | Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F (to be livestreamed)

Data available through sensors embedded into Smart City Internet of Things (IoT) devices will do more than help you find a parking spot. Connected gas sensors will improve health, reduce climate gases, identify infrastructure leaks and security threats, and even alert medical personnel to individual health emergencies.

Moderator: Diane Brady, Author


  • Bill Schrier, Senior Advisor, First Responder Network Authority
  • Ketal Ghandi, Director of Business Development, Qualcomm
  • Rob Reiss, CEO, Higher Ground


CES Government

Friday, Jan. 11

10 a.m. PT | Plenary- Mobile Devices, Apps and FirstNet build Community Resiliency | Park MGM

Speaker: Ed Parkinson, Acting CEO, First Responder Network Authority

Saturday, January 12

10:40 - 11:10 a.m. PT | Shaping Safer Cities of the Future with Smart Technology | Park MGM

The growing data revolution, low-cost sensor networks, integration of Internet of Things, and real time analytics are improving the collection, aggregation, and use of data to enhance public safety and the general quality of life in communities. Panelists will discuss the use of real-time data to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and natural disasters.


  • Bill Schrier, Senior Advisor, First Responder Network Authority
  • Jonathan Lewin, Chief Information Officer, Chicago Police Department
  • Jose Rivero, Chief Technology Officer, Miami-Dade Police Department

We look forward to seeing you there! Can’t make it in person? Get the latest on the First Responder Network Authority at #CES2019 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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