Text in image reads "NTCA 2019 Technlogy + Business Conference April 23-25, Chicago, IL, Where business and technology meet" above a background reminiscent of computer chips

Rural network deployment is key for first responders

Ed Parkinson, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the First Responder Network Authority, will address NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association at its upcoming 2019 Technical & Business Conference, April 23-25, in Chicago, Ill. 

Read more about NTCA and how rural network deployment is key for first responders in this NTCA blog:

“Given their steadfast commitment to public safety, first responders appreciate the importance of a ubiquitous and advanced wireless broadband network in urban and rural areas alike. Indeed, rural consumers have unique public safety needs, from devastating forest fires, floods and tornadoes, to concerns related to military and border facilities. Fortunately, the governing authority overseeing the establishment of a nationwide public safety broadband network (FirstNet) is committed to meeting the communications needs of all first responders – regardless of where they are located.” Click to read more.

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