A car crushed by a fallen tree surrounded by branches and tree trunks; a Beavercreek Township fire truck leaves the fire station.

Disaster Recovery and Damage Assessment with FirstNet in Southern Ohio

On Memorial Day 2019, nearly 55 tornadoes touched down in eight states across the country. Ohio saw some of the worst damage, including an EF3 tornado that tore through Beavercreek Township. The Beavercreek Township Fire Department used FirstNet to assist with damage assessment efforts.

Hot-air balloon participate on a field glow at third annual FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

FirstNet ‘immeasurable’ at Oklahoma balloon festival

At the 2019 FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma, public safety officials from the Citizen Potawatomi Tribe relied on FirstNet-enabled devices for seamless interoperability among the many agencies supporting the festival.

A room full of attendees at the June 2019 3GPP meetings listen and take notes on laptops as a panel of four speakers at the front give a presentation, a police officer holds a FirstNet enabled device

Public-Safety Features Officially Part of Next 3GPP Standard Release

In December 2019, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) held its final quarterly meeting of the year in Sitges, Spain. Dean Prochaska, FirstNet Authority Director of Standards, summarizes the discussion and what the standards body is working toward next.

An aerial view of a Satellite Cell on Light Truck (SatCOLT) sitting in a parking lot.

FirstNet Deployables are Unique Offering for Emergency Managers

When disaster strikes or large crowds gather, public safety officials need a broadband network they can rely on to remain connected. FirstNet’s fleet of deployables is an important resource for emergency managers for planned and unplanned events to ensure that connection is available. First Responder Network Authority Senior Public Safety Advisor Timothy Pierce describes the deployables that are available to FirstNet subscribers and how those resources can make a difference for first responders.

 Annapolis Maryland Police patch, broadband tower and power lines

City of Annapolis Comes Together to Provide Reliable Communications to Public Safety Agencies

Historic Annapolis, Maryland, hosts nearly two million tourists annually, and public safety officials are responsible for protecting these visitors and local residents throughout the town and in the surrounding Chesapeake Bay. Recognizing the need for reliable communications for first responders, local law enforcement, emergency management, and city services are rolling out FirstNet.

Three police officers consult information on a smartphone, a firefighter looks at a rugged device, an EMS technician next to a patient gurney in the back of an ambulance looks down at a smart device

A Growing and Diverse Ecosystem of FirstNet Devices

In a world where technology trends are ever changing, the FirstNet Authority and our network contractor, AT&T, are working diligently to deliver a dedicated public safety broadband network. In addition to a reliable and secure connection, we are working with AT&T to build a diverse device ecosystem that will meet the needs of public safety.

An emergency manager points towards a screen displaying a map, an officer holds a smartphone displaying an app, an EMS technician interacts with a display screen

Using and Developing Apps on FirstNet: the next phase of public safety communications

A robust broadband ecosystem for public safety demands a proven pool of mobile apps based on the needs of the responder community. The FirstNet applications strategy is to enable the creation of public safety mobile applications while maintaining support for existing commercial applications. This will establish a portfolio of resilient, reliable, secure and easy-to-use mobile applications for first responders.