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FirstNet Enables Remote Training, Enhanced Mapping Capabilities for Emergency Management in Pennsylvania

The Indiana County Emergency Management Agency in Pennsylvania is responsible for emergency management in the county and oversees emergency communication operations for the county’s public safety agencies. FirstNet provides personnel with connectivity in the most remote parts of the county, and the network enables advanced capabilities for first responders, such as remote training and enhanced location and mapping services.

3 tips to adopting FirstNet

Members of the Mason County Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) in West Virginia often find themselves working in more remote parts of the county. Understanding the importance of remaining connected, DHSEM and other county agencies switched to FirstNet after extensive testing. The county’s public safety agencies are now using the network to improve patient care during longer hospital transports and to enhance communications at COVID-19 testing sites.

High-Power User Equipment Expands Coverage for Bangs Ambulance

Paramedics with Bangs Ambulance in New York experienced cellular service dead zones throughout the rural Finger Lakes region. With FirstNet, the agency is taking advantage of capabilities like high-power user equipment, ensuring personnel have more reliable connectivity to send vital information to local hospitals. 

FirstNet Authority Board Approves FY22 Budget for Operations, Investment into Public Safety’s Network

During its third quarterly meeting of 2021, the FirstNet Authority Board approved a $253 million budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), with a focus on overseeing deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network, supporting public safety engagement on their communications priorities, and directing investments in the network based on public safety’s feedback.

Doctors Medical Center's Advances in Stroke Care 2021: The Cutting Edge

Kevin Nida will present How FirstNet Can Improve Patient Outcome at the Doctor's Medical Center's Advances in Stroke Care 2021: The Cutting Edge.

FirstNet Advances Communications for Central Massachusetts EMS Corp.

The Central Massachusetts EMS Corp. (CMEMSC) provides support to state and local jurisdictions, EMS system providers, and hospitals through dispatch services, education, and technical assistance. With FirstNet, CMEMSC is enhancing their ability to communicate and track assets, such as sprayers used to disinfect ambulances and hospital facilities to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Episode 52: The Future of EMS – Improved Patient Care through Telehealth

Paul Patrick, FirstNet Authority Board Member and Division Director for Family Health and Preparedness at the Utah Department of Health, reflects on his career and how FirstNet has advanced capabilities for EMS, including telehealth. He also explains how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport Model is changing the field of emergency medicine. 

FirstNet Brings Advanced Communications to First Responders in Franklin County, Kansas

With FirstNet, first responders with the Franklin County Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management in Kansas have access to reliable communications and coverage. The network allows responders to run computer-aided dispatch and transmit EKGs to the hospital, saving valuable time and enhancing patient care.

Expressing Gratitude for Public Safety Heroes

Every spring, we take time to honor those in emergency communications, the fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and our nation’s public servants. Throughout April and May, we celebrate these brave men and women and thank them for their dedication, courage, and sacrifices.