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Extended Primary Users

World-renowned holiday lights festival happens with FirstNet behind the scenes

St Augustine police outside during an event.
Every year during the holidays, the city of St. Augustine in Florida is transformed by millions of holiday lights that bedazzle the city’s downtown in an event called Nights of Lights. As visitors marvel at the twinkling lights, St. Augustine officials use FirstNet to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely for everyone involved.

What emergency managers need to know about FirstNet and extended primary users

A powerline worker repairing electrical wires

Every emergency manager knows a disaster calls for all hands on deck, including the extended community of responders who help public safety in emergencies. This extended community can include utilities, transportation, and other essential services. FirstNet is available to this extended community of responders when needed. And emergency managers should know how to prepare all response partners to communicate during a disaster.

Episode 61: From Public Safety to Public Works, FirstNet Aids Casper, Wyoming michelle.fordi… Tue, 11/09/2021 - 14:34

The Casper Police Department in Wyoming was one of the first agencies to use the FirstNet network in August 2017 when the city’s population was expected to nearly double during a solar eclipse. Four years later, FirstNet is providing Casper police officers with coverage across the city, dedicated applications to enhance operations, and connectivity to other city agencies during everyday incidents and major emergencies.  

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