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Remembering Ray Flynn

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) is saddened to learn of the passing of Assistant Sheriff Raymond Flynn (Ret.) of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. We extend our thoughts and prayers to Ray’s family and friends.

Orange lava flows down the side of a volcano

FirstNet-Enabled Drones Enhance Situational Awareness During Volcano Eruption

A research team from Texas A&M University traveled to Hawaii when the Kilauea volcano erupted in 2018. Using small drones and the FirstNet network, they live-streamed the lava flow to the emergency operations center more than 30 miles away. FirstNet provided the connection and bandwidth needed to share quality footage in real time, enabling first responders to quickly plan and respond to impending dangers.

An aerial view of a body of water surrounded by trees. A FirstNet deployable Satellite Cell on Light Truck (SatCOLT).

Tribal nations respond to coronavirus with help from FirstNet

First responders in tribal nations are tackling the COVID-19 health crisis with dedication and innovation, and many are turning to technology solutions to enhance their operations. Tribal nations like the Colville Tribes in Washington have gotten a boost in coverage from FirstNet at testing sites and emergency operation centers.  

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FirstNet is Interoperability

CEO Edward Parkinson reflects on how the First Authority is keeping public safety’s unique communication needs at the forefront of technology as it delivers the only interoperable communications network that public safety asked for and needs for its mission. As public safety’s communications needs advance, the FirstNet Authority will ensure the network continues to grow and evolve in the future.

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Honoring the Nation's First Responders

America’s first responders are at the heart of the FirstNet Authority’s mission. Many FirstNet Authority staff are either current or former public safety officials. Collectively, they have deep experience in all public safety disciplines. We celebrate all first responders on Honoring the Nation's First Responders Day, and we appreciate their service every day of the year.

Cover of Roadmap 2020 report over a graphic representation of a network spreading outwards and incorporating symbols of each of the six Roadmap domains.

Public Safety, Data Drive New Updates to FirstNet Authority Roadmap

The First Responder Network Authority is pleased to unveil the 2020 FirstNet Roadmap. The newly updated Roadmap incorporates feedback from thousands of public safety stakeholders and reflects emerging technology trends identified by academic and industry experts in the fields of communications and technology. The Roadmap is central to the delivery of a differentiated broadband communications experience for public safety.

First responders with a patient in a hospital room; First responders outside the front door with a patient; First responders at an information table under a tent interacting with the public

Mobile Integrated Healthcare program relies on FirstNet in Chesapeake, Virginia

In Chesapeake, Virginia, the local fire department is exploring ways to manage response for non-emergent care. The Chesapeake Fire Department launched a Mobile Integrated Healthcare program to provide residents with effective access to healthcare. With FirstNet, they are able to access real-time data in the field and coordinate with high-risk patients throughout the community.

Firefighter using tablet

FirstNet Authority connects digitally at ReIGNITE Virtual Conference

The FirstNet Authority is taking part in several panel discussions, as well as a virtual booth for the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ 2020 Fire-Rescue International ReIGNITE conference. During the event, attendees can take the opportunity to learn about FirstNet’s innovations for public safety agencies and all of the resources available to them through the network.

An officer shows a smartwatch and an app on his cell phone; a police officer and social work speak with an individual

Supporting Communities in Need and Increasing Officer Safety with FirstNet

Every day, the men and women of law enforcement protect and serve our communities. Officers interact with many people every day, and each individual has unique needs. Law enforcement agencies, like the Folsom Police Department in California and the Seattle Police Department in Washington, are turning to innovative technology and applications to provide individualized support to people in crisis. FirstNet is supporting this innovation through its secure, reliable network and a catalog of apps for first responders.

Photo of a 3GPP meeting room with people sitting at tables and working on computers, overlaid with gear icons and wireless network terminology: “RAN, 5G, V2X, Core, MCdata"

Tech Talk: September 14-21, 2020 3GPP Plenary Meetings Recap

The momentum continued at the September 2020 3GPP Plenary meetings with Release 17 (R17) work fully underway. Several studies are moving into the normative work phase and address public safety areas of interest, including enhanced location services, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones, direct mode enhancements including sidelink relay, and 5G multicast-broadcast.