Roadmap domain icon for voice communications, responder uses a FirstNet device, graphic representation of a network radiating outward

The First Responder Network Authority Technology Domain: Voice Communications

Voice communications are the fundamental form of public safety communications. At the heart of the FirstNet effort is the need for a reliable communications platform that will provide voice, data, and video services for public safety’s lifesaving mission. With the launch of FirstNet, countless first responders gained access to the most advanced broadband emergency communications solution available today, and the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) strives to learn from public safety where the network needs to go next.

A female police officer sits in a patrol car looking at a cell phone.

How Three Law Enforcement Agencies use FirstNet to connect to Mobile Broadband

Connecting to tools and resources is vital for law enforcement agencies. With FirstNet, officers and deputies in rural and remote areas have increased access to the databases and systems they need. Harry Markley, FirstNet Authority Senior Law Enforcement Advisor, highlights how three agencies are using FirstNet to maximize operations and improve incident outcomes.

Situational awareness Roadmap domain icon over a law enforcement officer holding a FirstNet phone, surrounded by a network representation radiating out.

FirstNet Authority Roadmap Technology Domains: Situational Awareness

Situational awareness for first responders can come from cameras, sensors, wearables, or countless other pieces of technology. In this blog, FirstNet Authority Senior Public Safety Products Advisor Randy Kerr and FirstNet Authority Senior Director of Product Technology and Architecture Carlos L’Abbate discuss public safety’s situational awareness needs and how the FirstNet Authority is ensuring those needs are met.

Emergency medical services professional stands in front of ambulance

Honoring first responders: the heroes among us

Every spring, we honor the courage, dedication, and sacrifices of those in the fire service, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and emergency telecommunicator communities, as well as our nation’s public servants.

Roadmap Coverage and Capacity Domain icon (a broadband tower), surrounded by a graphic representation of a network radiating out, over an aerial view of a FirstNet SatCOLT

FirstNet Roadmap Domains: Coverage and capacity

While the FirstNet Core already separates public safety traffic from commercial traffic, the inclusion of coverage and capacity as a Roadmap domain will help to ensure FirstNet network presence within any given geography, with sufficient capacity for public safety to perform its duties whether they are serving communities that are urban, rural, or something in between.