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Public Safety Advocacy

Public Safety Advocacy

The First Responder Network Authority is a catalyst for advancing the nationwide public safety broadband network – the network public safety fought for in the aftermath of 9/11, and the network it needs and deserves to carry out its vital, lifesaving mission.

Advocacy for public safety has been part of the First Responder Network Authority mission and work since our inception in 2012. Our Market Engagement Office (MEO) is the same team that worked with AT&T to develop State Plans that reflect the public safety priorities of each state, territory and the District of Columbia for the FirstNet network. They achieved this through intense and ongoing consultation with public safety, including governance body meetings, interaction with State Points of Contact, and meetings with leaders in public safety, as well as meetings with state, local and federal government leaders.

Today, the MEO team remains the First Responder Network Authority’s primary interface to the public safety community. The MEO includes subject matter experts in each primary discipline of public safety (including law enforcement, emergency medical services, emergency communications/9-1-1, emergency management and fire service), as well as regional leads in the field with public safety for each of the 50 United States, five territories and the District of Columbia.

Let your voice be heard

FirstNet exists to serve public safety’s broadband communications needs. The FirstNet Authority’s Market Engagement team has representatives assigned to each state, tribe, territory, and federal agency and actively engages with public safety to listen, educate, inform, and advance the needs of public safety.

To accomplish this, the FirstNet Authority proactively reaches out to public safety for feedback about the FirstNet Authority and the FirstNet Network. This helps us ensure that public safety’s voice is represented in the FirstNet experience and the evolution of the network.

The FirstNet Authority also collects use cases and success stories to better understand and demonstrate how the FirstNet network supports daily operations and emergencies. This feedback helps us gain insight into public safety’s operational and broadband communication needs.

1. Are you a current FirstNet Subscriber?
If Yes, please share a specific experience or example showing how the FirstNet network has impacted your operations as a member of public safety. Please describe your particular use case and its effect on you or your agency’s public safety work.

2. What can the FirstNet Authority do to best serve your broadband communication needs?

3. The FirstNet Authority consistently looks to the network’s public safety end users to gauge how the network must evolve to meet their needs. Which of the FirstNet Authority’s Roadmap Domains has the greatest impact on your end-user satisfaction and experience with regard to FirstNet and why?

4. What is the best way(s) for you or your employer to receive information about the FirstNet Authority?
If you would like your public safety advisor to reach out to you to discuss your response, or for any additional questions you may have, please see the FirstNet Authority public safety advisor list at the top of this page.
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Our MEO team is committed to engaging with public safety stakeholders. You can meet your public safety discipline expert for: