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Alachua County Fire Rescue truck parked inside fire station

Alachua County Fire and Rescue uses FirstNet in everyday operations

August 11, 2020

Alachua County Fire and Rescue is an all hazards agency in Gainesville, Florida. They benefit from FirstNet capabilities in their everyday EMS operations. FirstNet connects their mobile data computers to gather information while in route to calls. They use FirstNet-enabled smartphones to get priority service in an emergency. The EMS team also uses FirstNet to send health data directly from the ambulance to the hospital. 

“In EMS, seconds count,” said Assistant Chief Jeff Taylor. “So anytime we can get that priority traffic in a cellular-saturated area, especially in the Gainesville area, to transmit EKGs to the hospital when somebody is having a heart attack has been a huge benefit for our service.”

Watch our latest interview with Assistant Chief Taylor on how FirstNet is prioritizing EMS when seconds count.