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FirstNet in Action

Episode 69: FirstNet goes to school: Keeping Maryland students safe with public safety broadband

In Charles County, Maryland, the school district has adopted FirstNet’s secure and dependable network to ensure communication during emergency and day-to-day situations. The school district has also integrated the use of drones into their school security plans, enhancing situational awareness for responders so they can more efficiently respond to emergencies.

An Inside Look at University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Campus Safety Tech

From 911 calls to continuity of operations and pandemic response, technology helps the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) support response operations and communications to keep the university community safe and secure. The UMB uses FirstNet to enhance situational awareness and coordinate faster response times for public safety officials.

Revolutionizing First Responder Training: Exploring the Public Safety Immersive Test Center

Through the collaborative efforts of the FirstNet Authority and the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division, the Public Safety Immersive Test Center was created. The 1,100 square-foot facility in Boulder, Colorado, is equipped with advanced technology like augmented and virtual reality headsets, motion-capture systems, and high-speed tracking cameras, which allow first responders to experience a variety of scenarios in an immersive and tactile environment. The Public Safety Immersive Test Center also serves as a space for research and development, allowing industry experts to learn more about the technology that supports the life-saving mission of public safety.

By Land and Sea With FirstNet: supporting Hyannis Fire on the cape

Situated on the southern part of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Hyannis is an economic and transportation hub and a major tourist destination in the summer months. The Hyannis Fire Department responds to fire, medical, and water rescue calls across nine square miles on the cape. As the town’s population ebbs and swells throughout the year, the fire department faces communication challenges. Whether on land or at sea, FirstNet provides personnel with a reliable connection to the information they need to make critical decisions. Learn more:

Episode 66: Oxford Police leverages compact rapid deployable to boost emergency comms in Alabama

The Oxford Police Department is the first public safety agency in Alabama to obtain a FirstNet compact rapid deployable, a miniature cell tower that generates cellular and wi-fi coverage quickly, efficiently, and wherever it’s needed. This advanced technology acts as a solution for challenges that first responders face when trying to stay connected during emergencies, in more rural areas, or during large events where networks can get overwhelmed.
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