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A FirstNet Authority staff member speaks with a stakeholder near a mobile command center

Operational Assistance

What is the Network Experience Engagement Program?

The First Responder Network Authority, or FirstNet Authority, offers targeted engagements through our Network Experience Engagement Program (NEEP). These engagements enhance public safety’s FirstNet experience and help public safety agencies operationalize FirstNet, the nation’s communications network dedicated to emergency responders.

Interested in conducting a NEEP engagement?

What NEEP engagements are available?

The following engagements are offered at no charge to FirstNet subscribers.

Pre incident/event planning

Pre-planning is a key information-gathering initiative by FirstNet Authority. During planning, the FirstNet Authority helps public safety determine and document where responders will be operating during the event, what broadband capabilities they plan to use during the event, and what types of technologies they will need at the various locations.

Download pre-planning factsheet

Post Incident / Event Reviews (PIER)

A PIER engagement is a structured review of incident or event operations with public safety, much like an after-action review, for analyzing what happened, why it happened, and how the participants and those responsible for an event or response may be able to do it better. We will conduct a PIER to analyze successes, challenges, and concerns related to an incident or event where the FirstNet network was used.

Download PIER factsheet

Exercise planning support

The FirstNet Authority has created a Catalog of over 800 injects and questions to easily include broadband capabilities in your operational and discussion-based exercises. This catalog uses the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) template for the injects and questions, with additional fields for sorting and filtering.

Request the injects catalog at

How will the FirstNet Authority work with your agency?

The FirstNet Authority will coordinate with your agency to schedule the NEEP engagement based on your needs.

Why is it helpful to conduct NEEP engagements?

Your participation in these engagements builds our knowledge of how responders use FirstNet and how we can reinvest in the network to make it better. You get access to incident, disaster, and event planning resources. We capture your feedback to understand your FirstNet Experience more fully, to inform the FirstNet Authority’s reinvestment roadmap, and in certain instances when given the agency’s approval, share with our contractor AT&T to improve the network.