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Scoring a win with FirstNet Authority pre-planning support

First responders at any size event depend on reliable communication to ensure a successful and safe outcome. In preparation for the Super Bowl in 2022, Los Angeles area public safety agencies’ used the FirstNet Authority’s pre-planning event support to help maximize broadband capabilities. This free and unique service from the FirstNet Authority resulted in more timely and efficient decision-making, better coordinated responses, and well-managed resources and logistics.

MOTSU first responders work toward Congressional vison

During a joint training exercise and demonstration at Military Ocean terminal Sunny Point in North Carolina, federal and local first responders from across the state experienced how FirstNet can connect agencies during emergencies and everyday operations.


New FirstNet Build at Redstone Arsenal to Support Public Safety

First responders and security personnel at Redstone Arsenal got another major boost in their wireless communications thanks to new, purpose-built cell sites on the Army Base.

FirstNet to Support Communications for Responders at 15 U.S. Air Force Bases

FirstNet is bringing enhanced connectivity to emergency responders supporting 15 Air Force bases across the country. Priority and preemption for voice, data, and streaming video capabilities will ensure responder personnel can communicate and share critical information..

U.S. Coast Guard is “Always Ready” with FirstNet

The U.S. Coast Guard acts as a key part of our nation’s maritime safety, supporting a wide range of missions—from search and rescue to counter-drug operations. The Coast Guard has equipped more than 1,300 pilots and aircrew with FirstNet-enabled devices to aid in day-to-day operations as well as during major events and incidents, such as Fleet Week and the Super Bowl.

FirstNet Helps Tennessee Public Safety Respond to Tornado Damage

In March 2020, several tornadoes tore across middle Tennessee. In Putnam County, 80 miles outside of Nashville, an EF-4 tornado caused major damage to structures and a public safety radio tower. With communications severely limited, state and local first responders turned to FirstNet for coverage from deployables and push-to-talk on smartphones.

From Dots and Dashes to Streaming Video

In May 2019, thousands of spectators met in Utah to celebrate the moment when the last spike of the first transcontinental railroad was driven into 1,800 miles of track linking East with West. FirstNet was on hand to support the event, providing the Utah National Guard with new ways to communicate and operate.

FirstNet Crosses Half-a-Million Connections, Expands Coverage Nationwide

FirstNet continues to gain rapid momentum with 600,000+ device connections being used by more than 7,250 public safety agencies.

Incorporating FirstNet into Emergency Response Exercises

At the Texas A&M University Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center’s 2019 Winter Institute Workshop and Exercise, first responders trained on how to respond during an earthquake. FirstNet was used to enhance operational communications during a simulated natural disaster.

FirstNet Helps Georgia Emergency Management Agency Through Emergencies, Disasters, and Large-Scale Events

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security has relied on FirstNet for a variety of incidents and emergencies, from Hurricane Michael to a lost hiker to the 2019 Super Bowl. With priority and preemption on the FirstNet network and access to deployable assets such as SatCOLTs (satellite cells on light trucks) and COWs (cells on wheels), first responders have reliable connection when and where they need it.