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PSAC Profile: National Association of EMS Physicians

This is the latest in a blog series highlighting the associations of the First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet Authority’s) Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). PSAC members represent associations and agencies from all public safety disciplines, as well as state, territorial, tribal, and local governments. Together, they provide guidance and recommendations to the FirstNet Authority in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. The PSAC’s input is invaluable to the development of FirstNet, the nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety.

EMS professionals are responsible for triaging and initiating patient care upon arrival to a scene and while transporting patients to the hospital, making them a vital asset to the health and safety of communities nationwide. Founded in 1984, the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP), represents over 1,500 paramedics, physicians, nurses, administrators, educators, and researchers. NAEMSP provides educational resources and evidence-based guidance to its members and partners with organizations and federal agencies as an advocate for EMS-related decisions.

The EMS Physician Perspective

This summer, NAEMSP became one of the newest members of the FirstNet Authority’s PSAC. The FirstNet Authority’s Market Engagement Team coordinated with the NAEMSP leadership team and identified the EMS Physician perspective as a new, and necessary, area of expertise not previously represented on the PSAC. NAEMSP’s extensive work to date, coupled with its impact in the EMS community, makes the association a great new asset to the PSAC.

Dr. Lenny Weiss from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine serves as the NAEMSP PSAC representative. Dr. Weiss’ background and expertise as an emergency, flight, and medical command physician will offer the PSAC a unique perspective on how to improve the FirstNet network to meet the needs of key healthcare personnel.

“We are in an era where the best next step in emergency medical care is not going to be the latest ‘wonder drug.’ Rather, advancing emergency medical response will depend greatly upon improved technologies that allow us to arrive at patients faster, transmit key information, and begin both basic and advanced care earlier,” said Dr. Weiss.

FirstNet’s Impact on the Healthcare Community

As a PSAC member and influencer in the healthcare community, NAEMSP will provide guidance on how the FirstNet Authority and FirstNet can best serve EMS and medical personnel, including how we can help them provide the most advanced prehospital/out-of-hospital care to patients, which is a key area of focus for NAEMSP.

This is possible through FirstNet’s innovative, life-saving tools and capabilities, including location-based services, secure, real-time data exchange, priority access, and enhanced coverage. Capabilities such as these enable EMS and medical personnel to provide patients the best and fastest prehospital care possible.

Future FirstNet capabilities like 5G network upgrades will allow EMS professionals to experience an overall faster network experience, which means more lives saved. Through a multi-phased effort, the initial generational upgrades to enable 5G network capabilities were a part of the first approved network investments. Investment decisions were driven by the FirstNet Authority Roadmap, a guide that was shaped through direct feedback from public safety, including PSAC members. The Roadmap addresses the priorities and critical needs of public safety operations. The FirstNet Authority looks forward to working with NAEMSP and gaining their input as we continue to enhance the network and further develop the Roadmap.

“The opportunities available through research and development and piloting of FirstNet capabilities will allow key stakeholders to optimize the public safety ecosystem,” explained Dr. Weiss. “Harnessing this technological advancement is crucial to ensuring the safety of both our citizens and our responders.”

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