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Drones keep firefighters safe during fertilizer plant blaze

Fire departments around the country are investing in drone technology to keep firefighters safe. Division Chief Dan Cremeans of the Durham Fire Department in North Carolina explained how their drone program helped keep firefighters safe as they battled a fire at a fertilizer plant containing hundreds of tons of highly flammable chemicals.

Thunderbird and Whale: First-ever national exercise led by tribal nations tests communications capabilities

Thunderbird and Whale was the first-ever national-level exercise fully planned and executed by tribal nations. Lynda Zambrano, Executive Director of the National Tribal Emergency Management Council, recounts her team’s approach to the exercise and how they maximized resources to benefit tribal communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Remote Work Opens New Possibilities for 9-1-1: The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how dispatchers work from home

One thing the 9-1-1 community learned from the pandemic was the need to plan for alternate ways to work. Rather than be tied to workstations at fixed locations, 9-1-1 telecommunicators need flexibility to remotely take, dispatch, and supervise calls. 9-1-1 leaders looked to technology for a solution. Through FirstNet, the nationwide public-safety broadband network, first responders had access to a secure, reliable connection outside of the ECC. 

FirstNet Supports Continuity of Operations in Maryland

County government officials in Cecil County, Maryland, rely on FirstNet for communications during a crisis. The nationwide public safety broadband network ensures local government leaders are able to stay connected and maintain operations in both rural and urban areas of the county.

Episode 63: FirstNet Provides Connectivity for New York MTA Police Department

For the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department, FirstNet is a critical supplement one of the most complex wireless radio systems in New York. FirstNet extends coverage to places in New York that historically lacked portable radio coverage, enhancing the connectivity for officers assigned to the New York City subway system and increasing interoperability with partners throughout the state.   

Supporting Marshall Fire Responders with Priority Service and On-Demand Coverage

As the Marshall Fire burned through Boulder County, it quickly became the most destructive fire in Colorado state history. The fire damaged critical infrastructure and commercial networks were congested, but responders were able to communicate with FirstNet deployable assets on site, including a compact rapid deployable that was able to traverse steep terrain and establish coverage quickly.

Voices from the frontlines: FirstNet keeps mass vaccination centers connected and coordinated

Throughout the pandemic, FirstNet has been delivering our nation’s frontline public safety personnel a secure, dedicated wireless broadband service to keep mass vaccination centers connected and coordinated. When the New Hampshire’s Security and Emergency Management set up a mass vaccination clinic in Loudon last spring, the agency implemented FirstNet service for its communication needs. The FirstNet network was equally critical to healthcare providers and emergency managers setting up sites to administer COVID-19 testing and vaccinations in Michigan and Maryland.

Voices from the frontlines: FirstNet devices help first responders coordinate across jurisdictions during the pandemic

As a part of the COVID-19 response, first responders are turning to FirstNet-enabled devices to make emergency communications efficient and effective during this critical time. From connecting socially distant 9-1-1 call takers to coordinating logistics for distributing personal protective equipment across state lines, FirstNet-enabled devices have played a supporting role in mitigating health risks in communities across the nation.  When COVID-19 struck, Texas DPS required immediate and direct communications with local and state agencies to maintain traffic flow, manage state entry points, and monitor crowded areas across the state. Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) used FirstNet-enabled devices to stay connected to partner agencies to prepare for and maintain pandemic-related services throughout the state. 

Voices from the frontlines: FirstNet deployable assets are crucial during the pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, first responders used at least twice as much data as general consumers. Public safety agencies need additional capacity or mobile broadband coverage in specific areas to meet their mission. Thanks to FirstNet, first responders have access to a dedicated fleet of deployable assets designed specifically to provide public safety extra coverage and capacity when and where they need it most. 

Voices from the frontlines: FirstNet provides flexibility and interoperability for emergency management during pandemic

First responders have worked tirelessly to keep our country safe, and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. FirstNet offers reliable and adaptive mobile broadband solutions to first responders as they continue to be on the frontlines of COVID-19 response. With the pandemic bringing a new set of challenges to delivering public safety services, emergency managers across the country, are turning to FirstNet’s innovative solutions to support the continuity of operations.